About Us

Jodie Church is the founder and CEO of Enhance Cosmetics and Wellness.

Jodie has a huge passion for making people feel better about themselves and originally started her journey of nursing in  2017.

She graduated as a Registered Nurse from Australian Catholic University and transitioned into a post-graduate position at Ipswich Hospital.

Jodie has a background in orthopaedics and emergency care, but found her love for cosmetics and wellness soon after graduation and has been in the industry ever since. She completed her Cosmetic Nursing training at the FACE Academy within Brisbane where she worked alongside industry leaders, doctors and nurses.

Since then Jodie has found a huge love for teaching and educating, not only clients but also others. She has previously worked at Esteem Institute of Cosmetic Aesthetics, teaching the Fundamentals of Injectables to other healthcare professionals wanting to immerse themselves into the cosmetic world. 

Jodie's mission for Enhance Cosmetic & Wellness, is to provide treatments for both women and men that 'enhance your natural self' from the inside and throughout. She understands that sometimes theres more to this than meets the eye & that everyone's personal goal can vary. 
Located in Hawthorne - Brisbane, Enhance Cosmetics & Wellness is an aesthetic clinic that provides a wide range of safe and holistic treatment options for all clientele, focusing on all things skin and internal health. 
If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment, please call us on 0403 203 498 or alternatively email admin@enhancecosmeticsandwellness.com