Hydration Skin Booster

Hydration Skin Booster is a form of dermal filler, but rather than place either onto the bone or with the fat pad to restore volume loss, it is carefully place within the skin's epidermis layer. 

Small little injections of a non-cross linked filler within the skin's epidermis layers will help with the appearance of acne scaring, dimpling, skin hydration and texture. This is a fantastic & quick treatment for clients who want to tighten and firm their skin! 

The Hydration Skin Booster's results can be seen immediately after treatment, however just like any other dermal filler treatment, swelling can occur & the correct results are able to be seen 4 weeks post the treatment.  

It may be suggested that you need a few treatments to achieve your desired look. It is suggested to achieve better results, is to be consistent and retreat/top up 12 months!